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by mintyy

Wow! I have to say that this little ro is one of the cutest I have ever seen. It's cuteness is so big that even the hardest heart could...

glowing wallpaper glue by mr-1up
by mr-1up

I have to say that I'm pretty impressed looking at your work. It made to me great first impression. :D The whole picture looks very orig...

:bulletblack: :bulletwhite: :bulletblue: My critiques. :bulletblue: :bulletwhite: :bulletblack:

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-([:star::star::iconoptimusprimeplz::star::star:       Hello and again, welcome to my profile!       :star::star::iconoptimusprimeplz::star::star:])-

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I'm a huge fan of robots (generally machines, also computers and some cyborgs).
Well, I can say it's my obsession. Whenever I have some free time, the only thing I do are robots. :D

There are two things that fascinates me in them. The first one is their mechanisms and the second: they are immortal.

:star: My favorite robots are:

:bulletorange:W.A.L.L.•E., :bulletwhite::bulletblue:E.V.E., :bulletgreen:G.I.R., :bulletwhite::bulletred: Fluffy, :bulletwhite::bulletblue:Robotboy, :bulletblack:Robby, the Robot, :bulletwhite: Tobor, :bulletwhite: Andrew Martin, :bulletwhite:Atomic Robo,
:bulletwhite::bulletyellow:G.L.a.D.O.S., :bulletwhite::bulletblue:Wheatley, :bulletblue:ATLAS & :bulletorange:P-Body, :bulletwhite::bulletred:Aperture Science Sentry Turret, :bulletblack:K.I.T.T., :bulletblue:Soundwave, :bulletpurple:Shockwave,
:bulletwhite::bulletblue::bulletred:Starscream, :bulletpurple:Megatron and of course the greatest of all robots: :bulletred::bulletblue:Optimus Prime.

But still generally my favorite kind of robots are Transformers. :)

:star: Did you know?

:bulletblue: Robots have always existed, but in human world the word "robot" comes from Czech word "robota" that means "work". It first appeared in play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots, Czech: Rossumovi Univerzální Roboti) from 1921;

:bulletgreen: In human fiction there are lots of copies of Transformers. But did you know that Transformers weren't first? They were based on GoBots (1983). However Go-Bots still weren't first. They were based on Machine Robo (1982). But the true very first transforming robot ever in human fiction was Raideen from Brave Raideen anime (1975-1976).

:star: Robot emoticons:

:iconglados--plz: :iconportal2gladosplz: :iconglados-v311: :iconportalgladosplz: :iconpotatogladosplz: :iconpotadosplz: :icongladospotatoplz: :iconwheatleyplz: :iconhappywheatleyplz: :iconwheatlyplz: :iconspacecoreplz: :iconinspaceplz: :iconadventurecoreplz: :iconfactcoreplz: :iconorangebotplz: :iconbluebotplz: :iconp-bodyplz: :iconp2atlas: :iconturretplz: :iconimdifferentplz: :icondefectiveturretplz: :iconcompanioncubeplz: :iconthecakeisalieplz: :iconcubeiconplz: :iconcakeiconplz: :iconbrokenhearticonplz: :iconcompanionloveplz: :icondrowningiconplz: :iconenergyballhiticonplz: :iconenergyballiconplz: :iconhal9000plz: :iconwall-eplz: :iconeveplz: :iconm-oplz: :iconautoplz: :icondarkautoplz: :iconshort-eplz: :iconemil-eplz: :iconern-eplz: :iconwall-gplz: :iconwallgglompplz: :iconweeboplz: :iconbenderplz: :iconbitemyshinymetalass: :icongenderbenderplz: :iconxj9plz: :iconjennyrapefaceplz: :iconjennyxj9plz: :iconangryjennyplz: :iconjennyfacepalmplz: :iconjennywakemanplz: :icongircuteplz: :icongircupcakeplz: :icongirscreamplz: :icongirplz: :icongirdanceplz: :icongirdancingplz: :icondancinggirplz: :icongirraveplz: :iconsupergirlaplz: :iconlagirplz: :iconomggirplz: :icongircrazyplz: :iconnaked-girplz: :icongiromgplz: :icongir2plz: :icongirrobotplz: :icongirdoglaplz: :icongirzplz: :icongirla-plz: :iconcrazygir-plz: :iconexcitedgirplz: :iconantaurihatplz: :iconantauri1plz: :icongibsonsmileplz: :iconirrationalgibsonplz: :icongibsonjumpplz: :iconottoisconfusedplz: :iconottoiscuteplz: :iconsprx77plz: :iconnovaandbutterfly1plz: :icongibsonottothingy1plz::icongibsonottothingy2plz: :iconottohi::iconnovadanceplz: :iconspova1plz::iconspova2plz: :iconmegasxlrplz: :icondaftplz: :iconpunkplz: :icondaftpunkplz: :icontechnologicplz: :iconroboboogieplz: :iconastroboyplz: :iconastroboyfunnyfaceplz: :iconastroboyrapefaceplz: :iconastroshoopdaplz: :iconderpplz: :iconrobbieplz: :iconc3poplz: :iconc-3poplz: :iconr2d2plz: :icont-800plz: :iconcylonplz: :cylon: :iconk9plz: :iconkittplz: :iconkarrplz: :icongundamplz: :iconcaptainawesomeplz: :iconhumpingrobotplz: :iconautobotplz: :iconoptimusprimeplz: :iconoptimusplz: :icontfaoptimusplz: :iconironhideplz: :iconmovieratchetplz: :iconmoviebumblebeeplz: :icontfabbbawesomeplz: :iconbumblebeeplz: :icong1blurrplz: :icontfablurrplz: :iconblurrplz: :icontfaprowlplz: :iconsamuraiprowlplz: :iconprowlplz: :iconbulkheadplz: :iconbreakawayplz: :iconmoviespringerplz: :iconmoviedepthchargeplz: :iconmoviesideswipeplz: :iconmirageplz: :icontfajazzplz: :iconhotshotplz: :iconjoltplz: :iconsmokescreenplz: :iconmoviechromiaplz: :iconmovieskidsplz: :iconjetfireplz: :iconmoviewheelieplz: :icondecepticonplz: :iconthe---fallen: :icong1megatronplz: :iconmegatronplz: :iconmoviemegatronplz: :iconmegatron2plz: :iconstarscreamplz: :iconmoviestarscreamplz: :icontfastarscreamplz: :iconssplz: :iconthundercrackerplz: :iconskywarpplz: :iconsunstormplz: :icondreadwingplz: :iconmoviesoundwaveplz: :iconsoundwaveplz: :iconmoviesoundwaveplz: :iconmoviefrenzyplz: :iconshockwaveplz: :iconmovieshockwaveplz: :icontfashockwaveplz: :iconlongarmplz: :icong1blitzwingplz: :iconblitzwingplz: :iconangryblitzwingplz: :iconayej: :iconblizwingplz: :icong1lugnut: :iconlugnutplz: :iconmoviescalpelplz: :icondevastatorplz: :icondemolishorplz: :iconmoviebludgeonplz: :iconmoviebrawlplz: :iconwreckageplz: :iconbonecrusherplz: :iconbarricadeplz: :iconsidewaysplz: :icontinmanplz: :iconmetalgearrexplz: :icondalekplz: :icondaleksplz: :iconrobocopplz: :icongrievousplz: :iconasimoplz: :iconaiboplz: :iconaibo210plz: :iconaibo210goldplz: :iconmoonroverplz: :iconsexrobotplz: :iconrobotkissplz: :iconrobotglompplz: :icongearspinplz:


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Welcome back again, everyone!

I have been silent for such a very long time, approximately about a half of the year or so. I have a kind of given up after publishing my book, but it is that I've been struggling with the lack of inspiration.

While the point here is that I am willing to continue my art as well as to make the cleanings in my gallery. First such to mention, will be that during the time of my "absence" I have received some critiques regarding my book, which were mostly positive, but pointed out some mistakes (mainly "poor language"). Of course all of this helped me realize what is yet to be improved and after revisiting and improving each page I am going to post the actual version of the book and to finally give it some real attention. It will take some time, but I believe it should happen sometime during the summer holidays.

I'd like to somehow improve my pictures, but I believe what they need right now is a good balance of colors (shading, highlights, possibly some textures, other effects, etc). I'm still experimenting with various combinations, but as for now the desired result was not achieved.

Besides that I also want to create a full-length flash animation featuring the robots of Kraftwerk. It is going to be an animated music video for their song "The Robots". I already sketched some ideas, but it's still very early work in progress. If anyone of you knows some good application for creating flash animations, please let me know.

~Mr. Robotov
I've recently stumbled across an interesting journal. The US government once again seems to attempt to limit the freedom on the Internet. While the war for SOPA and ACTA can be considered as successful, it was a matter of time till something new would hatch.  

I'm not saying this is the ultimate truth, but I consider it to be something everyone should know about, this is why I wanted to let you know about it. The thing is that FCC (Federal Communications Commission) wants to rise the taxes for using the Internet. This may not seem to be anything to worry about, but it may happen that the consequences may be catastrophic. You can always check it yourself in this journal posted by :iconwhetsit-tuya: here ---> . As well as reposted by :icon640kofwertzui: here ---> .

Journal History

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